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CarbonCart is a Shopify Plug-In created by the Eleos Initiative that uses a bespoke algorithm to offset the carbon produced by the products that have been purchased at a particular online store. The app requires minimum information from the consumer and their shopping cart, to produce an accurate indication of how much carbon has produced and how much it would take to offset.


All proceeds are donated to Gold-Standard carbon offsetting organisations who reduce CO2 in a variety of different ways, from planting trees to reducing ocean waste. The Eleos Initiative also contributes to the research and development of emerging green technologies and the nurturing of mangrove forests and macroalgae to stimulate the storage of carbon dioxide in our oceans.

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Eleos Initiative offers eco-conscious customers a fast and inexpensive way to shop more sustainably, by offsetting the carbon emissions of all purchases through a Shopify Plug-in.

Eleos was created by three fashion industry professionals who were eager to see positive change within the fashion system. Despite being one of the most polluting industries in the world, fashion has been slow to adopt ecologically friendly measures.

The founders of Eleos set out to provide a way for consumers to take measures into their own hands and offset the environmental consequences of their purchases. The Eleos mission is to encourage responsible consumption through carbon offsetting, consumer education, and investment in environmental projects.

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Founder & COO

Olivia is an Australian Project Manager & Researcher, currently working with Condé Nast in London. 

Olivia has managed and coordinated projects in association with Condé Nast College, Parsons Paris, MoMu Fashion Museum, Azzedine Alaia Foundation as well as the Paris-based fashion conference, Printing Fashion. 


Olivia studied MA Fashion Studies at Parsons Paris, and has presented her research at several culture based conferences including EUPOP 2019 in Ireland and Fashion, Costume and Visual Cultures 2019 in France. 

Founder & CMO

Emma is an American international marketing specialist currently working in Paris. 


She has worked for brands in-house and has her own consulting practice concentrating in e-commerce, social media, and print media. 

She has previously worked with Esteban Cortazar, Chatelles Paris, and 2nd Nature. 


Emma received her MA in Fashion Studies from Parsons Paris and completed an internship at the Musée Yves Saint Laurent in conjunction with her MA thesis.

Founder & CPO

Clara is an American UX/UI designer currently working with a climate tech startup in Paris.


With a background in responsible design and sustainable fashion, Clarabeth oversees the development and maintenance of Eleos' digital products. She is co-creator of the internationally recognized zero-waste school uniform that grows, and was named one of the Top 5 Women in Fashion Tech to Watch by FashNerd.


For her work in sustainable fashion, Clarabeth was awarded a lifelong fellowship to the Royal Society of the Arts for outstanding achievements in social progress and development.